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What can I do to avoid or lower the chance of frequency fatigue?

Running the same frequency non-stop for an extended period of time can result in what may be termed as frequency fatigue. Think of it like being in a room with very loud speakers blaring a constant siren. Over time you'll get a headache. It is best to break it up with other frequencies.

When using contact mode, generally you will want to keep the dwell for a frequency to a reasonable period -- the default being 3 minutes (Dwell = 180). Apply this frequency in a program once to twice a day. Contact generally requires time between sessions to allow the body to process. Repeat the same program for a week as you evaluate your response. If you do not have any responses by day 4, you most likely do not have the correct frequency for what you are targeting.

When using remote, frequency repetition is considered to add to the efficacy rate. Therefore, when designing your remote program, you will want to aim to have the frequency repeat at least once every 4 hours. When done this way, you can run the program usually 24/7 without any side effects.

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