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Using Jeff Kazcor's Kundalini that was based on the use of tuning forks, up and down the spine when we use the remote mode, should we not take into consideration that the tuning fork frequencies he used need to be changed to remote frequencies?

Yes. If you are using, say, the 256Hz tuning fork, then, if yo want to know the freq to use with the remote to get the exact wavelength produced by the fork in the human body, then, first you have to know the speed of sound through human tissue (1550m/s in average, except skull, that is 4080m/s) then you have to calculate the wavelength corresponding to that freq at that speed, that is 6.054687 meters, and finally, to get that wavelength with the remote, you need a freq of 49,514,113.2812 Hz. So you need a freq of more than 49MHz with the remote to get the same effect as 256Hz with a tuning fork. That is because the huge difference in the transmission speeds of the two devices.If you use contact mode instead, then the freq to be applied is 2.831749347 times lower, that is 17,485,344.6452Hz. (17.4MHz)

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