How to test a generator when the display board is not functioning?

1. Connect a Spooky Remote to the generator with a Spooky Boost.
2. Load the Preset > Miscellaneous > "Signal Test (R) - DB"
3. Go to Generator Control tab and stop the generator in question.
4. Select [x] Allow Channel Overwrites [x] Always Overwrite.
5. Select the generator number.
6. Press Start to run the program.
7. You should see both LEDs on the remote lit up brightly.
8. Now enter the number 49 below the Frequency Adjustment Slider. Move the slider toward the left.
9. As you get below 25 Hz, you'll see the lights flicker alternately. As you reach 1 Hz, you'll be able to observe one LED lit brightly while the other is out, changing once a second.

If you got through number 9 and the flashing lights behaved as described, then you know that:
a. The generator works (even though the display card is black).
b. The USB connection is good.
c. The computer USB ports are working correctly.
d. Spooky2 can successfully control the generator.

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