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My nine year old daughter has been suffering from breathing difficulties for the last ten months. I have recently purchased a health analyzer and could see that the only two organisms in her bronchi were Strep B and Stronyloides. Any suggestion?

1. To my opinion, its a virus worldwide spread infection.
Its going on almost 6 months, worldwide.
I got it as the last one in my family. Coughing all day/night, difficult breathing, pain in the chest etc.
Some were 6 weeks coughing and could not sleep of it.

I treated myself with 1 x a day colloidal silver and 1 x a day mms 1 x a day cloves oil/water in a nebulizer.
The colloidal silver and cloves are the most important.
It instantly gave relieve and was gone after 3 days, 3 times daily.
I also added dmso for delivery fast and adding strenght. 3 drops.
I also drunk fresh lemon juice. 1 every day (and now still).

This will always be handy for all lung related issues.

2. I have suffered with Anthelmintic resistant Strongyloides for years. The biggest problem with the worm is that it punches through membranes and can get anywhere in the body including the brain. It took 6 months to get from my guts to my eyes and then the brain but I think the worst aspect is that it carries other bugs with it so if you have something nasty already it is able to spread all over the body and maybe that is what kills some people. I use 329.4 Hz 991.5 Hz and 776 Hz to keep them down. 776 Hz with 776 KHz running on my tube and 991.5 Hz on my coil both seem to have stopped the headaches and clean the guts making them function better than normal. When the body is fighting Strongyloides it either changes its chemistry and/or has less energy to fight off HPV because I have had more itchy moles more frequently than usual. This seems to back up the documented evidence that cancer occurs more frequently when people contract Strongyloides. Luckily for me I have machines that can keep HPV and Strongyloides down and reduce the risk of other problems.

3. Have you considered looking into salivary testing for further confirmation of this infection? I couldn't find a lab that tests saliva for strongyloides. I checked Diagnostechs here in the U.S. and didn't find the test on their site -- that doesn't mean they don't do it. Apparently though, there are labs that do it.

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