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The tumor under my arm/breast area has increased quite a bit and is painful. I'm nervous about running the "breast cancer killing" again as my skin is so tight around the expanded tumor area. Should I go ahead and run the killing frequency?

1. have not had breast cancer or treated it, but I have read a lot on the subject. Take my advice for what it is, nothing more. (Other forumists please correct me where I am wrong)

From what you write this is a very swollen lymph node under your arm close to the breast, right? If the cyst bursts open, all the piled up chemicals, metals and other bad things that are stockpiled in there will be released into the body. It will most likely make you sick, as the immune system and the organs will be overburdened. If you have read Hulda Clarks books, she always found a lot of toxic elements in cancerous lymph nodes and/or tumors.

You have to decide what to do for yourself, it is your body and you know it best.

If I were in your situation, I'd back off the killing a few days, increase on the water intake - preferably ozonated - and try sweating/sauna therapy to help you get rid of the toxic elements. Keep running detox and organ support 24/7 as you do now. See if the swelling reduces. Bursting the cyst will do no good. Most likely the immune system is already working overtime dealing with what you've already killed.

2.If it is at all possible to consult with a holistic practitioner, I would urge you to do so and to tell them what you are doing. This way you might get an idea if the tumor may 'leak' internally, shrink, or expel through the skin. You may need herbal or supplement support to either boost immune function or neutralize toxins and possibly to heal skin if the tumor erupts externally. You also may need something for pain management and its better to have that on hand BEFORE you need it.

Depending on the origins of the cancer, it is possible that it will be 'drawn' from other areas of the body to exit at the site now experiencing inflammation. Since every body is unique, I would like to see you have some assistance from someone who knows your exact situation and can follow up on symptom changes.

3.Have you considered dental issues? Teeth are connected to acupuncture meridians and if you have infected root canals or infected cavitations that are connected through the breasts meridian, then those teeth are a potential source of the problem.

Following is a CancerTutor quote regarding the danger of dental issues:
http://www.cancertutor.com/checkfast/ Chapter 7: Dental Issues – Part 1. Teeth meridian charts are available online.

Another viewpoint to consider is Iodine supplementation: David Brownstein, MD in his book, Iodine: Why You Need It: Why You Can't Live Without It, dedicated Chapter 4 to Iodine, Breast Cancer and Fibrocystic Disease. A quote from p.65,
"Iodine has many anticancer properties.... Iodine has been shown been shown to produce apoptosis [timed cellular] (death) in breast and thyroid cancer cells."
He also states in the book that breast tissue will uptake iodine readily.

I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with this information. Continue with your Rife treatments and possibly include dental sets in your treatments and investigate these other options I've suggested.

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