I'm the person who uses the hand wipes, on the carts at the supermarket/ big box store. Why? If I don't I will likely get ill. Is it a flu or what? I get achy, super tired, feel terrible for days. It's from being out in public. Anyway how to identify it?

1. All you should stop using the wipes at the store as they will contain nasties that you don't want your skin to absorb and take your own made with essential oils that are antimicrobial. You can do is use a spray again made with purified water and essential oils and use it nasally while trying to nose breathe in public along with treating your hands as these are the two ways that bugs get in.

2.Primary you should start with the full terrain protocol and foot detox bath since you very sensitive because of a overload of pathogens and their wasteproducts.

Your foot pories are the biggest and easiest way to get rid of toxins.

3.Colloidal Silver Gel would make a good hand disinfectant.

4.I have multiple chemical sensitivities and I use vodka to clean everything in my house. You could dilute it for a hand spray. Hulda Clark recommends vodka.

I would never use wipes, I would feel ill straight away. I used to be obsessed with cleaning, using wipes on everything and I expect this contributed significantly to my current condition.

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