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Making colloidal silver for the first time with spooky2 when should I expect it to go yellow and how many hours should I run it for, I have a ppm meter to measure.

It would depend on your silver. I do not think you want the electrode in the water. You can not measure colloidal silver with PPM.

To my understanding of Spooky2 colloidal silver, it is not measured by a PPM device because of the nano-particles it produces. When using the silver wire and length Spooky recommends, you can use the calculator in the software utilities to determine how long to run it.

Or easier use a laser light to shine through the water. When it is solid beam, the cs is ready. You have a high quality colloidal silver. Do not attach a PPM to it as it is not an accurate measure of any colloidal silver. The only thing the ppm meter is good for is to ensure the distilled water is zero before starting.

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