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Can I use the Spooky2 Central contact for the footbath?

1. Under no circumstances should you run Footbath - JW on Spooky2 Central because doing so may damage it. This preset is for Contact Mode use only.

2. You can connect one electrode to the OUTPUT1 (hot wire, or positive lead, or inner contact of the BNC connector) and the other electrode goes to OUTPUT2 (hot wire, or positive lead, or inner contact of the BNC connector).

Then you have to check "inverse and sync" in the Spooky2 Software.

There you can get an Amplitude of 40V (or +-20V) with a short circuit current of 200 mA. This should be enough.

The Boost 1/2/3 do it in the same way to double the output Amplitude.

For more details, please check the link:

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