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How to run 2 or more generators in the new August software?

-In Preset tab, click advance option in top left corner.
-In Generator Channel tab, click Overwrite then click Always Overwrite in the top left corner.
-Then click X in the upper right corner to exit the CURRENT RUNNING program.
-Go to Preset Tab to begin loading your next generator.
-After it is loaded and running, click X in upper right corner to exit the current running program and to program the next one.

If you want to stop and clear the current channel so you can run something new on this channel, you must click ERASE in the upper right corner.
If you do not do this, the previous settings, waveform and frequencies will keep loading when you click a pink GC box. To remedy and clear this generator channel then click ERASE. Now it is free to receive a new program.

For more details, please check the link:

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    The videos on YouTube involved the software for the previous version of Spooky Central and were of no help for those of us with the latest Spooky Central Phanotron Tube kit. It took me a week to finally figure out the programming. There should be an updated video of this programming, as well as for setting up Spooky Central as the wires are different than the earlier version.

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