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One of my friends has Nerves Related Tinnitus. He has tried many hospitals in several countries, and they all told him it is nerves related. And it's becoming worse now. Does anyone have any suggestion what programs can help him under this condition?

1. Dental & Jawbone issues are often related with tinnitus - I remember seeing some posts if you search the forums.

2. Don't believe hospitals. I've been there. They only can cover up the tinnitus if you have 1 sound.
I have 3 sounds. I have done a lot of research. And found this to be eliminating 70-80%. So acceptable.

Most of Tinnitus is really because of Candida Albicans in the inner ear, hearing nerves and head.
Also other Candida is found (5 species). I've checked this myself (with the 3D and 8D and previously with my inner self)

The freqs are in Spooky2. Use big ear pads who cover the whole ear and the cold laser plugs.
The freqs will be felt in the ears, brain, (seen in eyes (light flashes if closed).
And that's good because mostly its also in the eyes.(blurred vision). It gives a great relieve.

Also a good helper which gives a real BIG relief is Ginkgo Biloba. Use 3x 6000 mg.

I myself normally use the Bob Beck zapper which has a variable knob to adjust.
And I did the laser in my ears.

(But now there is a Spooky2 cold laser which has the possibility to implement the freqs together with the cold laser so that's what I'm gonna use from now on together with big contact pads).

As you know in China they also use acupuncture to unblock\move the Qi.

Massage the ears and the Yonchuan point at the feet a couples of times a day.

Tinnitus is mostly a combination of the inner ear and the central brain. Eye and Ear Chi Kung (Qigong) also helps a lot.

On Ali and other sites they sell massage slippers which will massage all acupoint on the feet.
You can put it in your shoes. They also help. And think at the feet while walking.

Do also once a week a foot detox bath

p.s. smoking is bad for tinnitus.

For more details, please check the link:

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    william evans

    Very interesting,the only relief I ever found was chinese acupuncture,but it it was only the one therapist others have not been able to replicate his talents.

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