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I have a friend who has been experiencing extreme nerve pain for several months due to what we think is Thorasic Outlet Syndrome or Maigen's Syndrome. Any suggestions?

I have an extreme nerve pain condition called RSD or CRPS that may be something to investigate and or rife with those frequencies. I was completely bedridden before Spooky2, and am now so much better, there is hope. My strategy has been many.

1. I like the spooky pulse frequencies
2. I clicked on all the nerve frequencies, created a set and loop those all the time ie white top remote + JW-Healing and nerve frequencies
3. I found out I had lyme disease, once Spooky2 eliminated that my nerve pain was greatly reduced
4. I drink one gallon distilled water per 24 hours help release toxin, inorganic materials affecting my nerves.
5. I try and consume an organic vegan glyphosate free diet, if I consume something that has glyphosate, my nerves get inflamed.
6. I ran "spine problems A=432" and that also helped defuse my nerve pain
7. I also run pain diffusion frequencies like "acute pain, marijuana, endorphines, cannabidiol cbd"
8. Magnesium is very important so I run magnesium frequencies, and also spray magnesium oil on body (1/3 magnesium chloride 2/3 distilled water in spray bottle, shake and spray on body, wash off after an hour). These are some of the strategies that have helped with acute nerve pain.

For more details, please check:https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/632875490207691/

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