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August 2016 Software Simple Start Instructions.

This is a major new release of the Spooky2 software. With an eye to exciting future developments, almost everything about Spooky2 has changed. The interface is the most obvious transformation, designed and mapped for supreme ease of use and understanding. From left to right, workflows for all tasks are now methodical, logical, and above all, straightforward and easy to understand.

Spooky2 now radically expands the concept of individual Presets to Preset Collections, and our protocols for cancer, Morgellons & Lyme Disease, Terrain Preparation, and Pests & Mold are automatically installed. For new users, this makes the system virtually "point-and-click," while still offering maximum depth, flexibility, and programability for more experienced users.

Splitting the interface into step-based Tabs has also allowed us to make Spooky2 a lot prettier, and much easier on the eye.

This video shows the simple steps necessary to run a program using the new improved Spooky.

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