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I like to know your opinion about different healing programs in an endless remote program loop. Is this possible or should I rife with just one program for some days and start the next program after the first program is finished?

Sure you can mix healing sets in the same session. The only condition that applies here is that the settings you use are compatible with all the programs loaded.

You have used the preset Schumann-Resonator (R) - JK. This preset is specifically designed to run the program Schumann Resonance CAFL, and in my opinion (may be wrong) it is better not to use it as a shell preset for other healing programs, because its output is very specific. It uses two different waveforms, it uses a Fibonacci 7 stage wobble, uses a very precise gating also, and it applies a precise reduction for the Out2 frequency that makes only sense for the program it was designed to run.

If I were you, I would separate your first program from the rest, and choose another shell preset to run the last three programs. There are 4 haling shell presets for you to use.

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