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How to protect Spooky Central being damaged from wrong setting?

Spooky Central is built like a tank, so you probably think that nothing could damage it. Not true, unfortunately. Most plasma Rife machines absolutely require a square wave with 100% positive offsets, and other important settings. If these requirements aren't met, irreparable damage may result which would need a replacement internal circuit board. However, there's an easy way to ensure that this cannot happen. We find it in the Generator Control tab.

Choose a Channel(Generator 2 for example) which is used to drive your Spooky Central. And right click on it, you will see:

This tells that Generator 2 isn't dedicated to Spooky Central at the moment, so click Yes to change that. If the generator had previously been dedicated to Spooky Central and you forgot, this is what you would see instead:

The generator is dedicated already, so you can click Cancel, or No if you wanted to run it without Spooky Central connected.

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