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I would like to run a tactile transducer with spooky. Does anyone know if an xm generator can be hooked up to an amplifier and then a vibroacoustic pillow containing a tactile transducer?

I looked up Somatron Speaker and found this
I assume this is the same speaker being used in the vibroacoustic pillow and if that's the case then you can use a bookshelf stereo system to drive the Somatron speaker. All you need to do is provide a connection to the external input to the stereo amplifier.

Typically the "Line in" or external input audio level
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_level is about 0.9V peak to peak and generally use RCA type connectors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCA_connector

Here is a BNC Male to Female RCA adapter, you will need two of these, one for each audio channel.

You will also need one stereo RCA male cable to connect the BNC/RCA adapter to the stereo amplifier.

When using Spooky you will need to enter low frequency limit of say 50Hz and upper frequency limit say 20,000Hz. The lower frequency limit may be made lower if the Somatron speaker can handle it.

On the Spooky2 Generator I notice the BNC connectors appear to be electrically isolated from the generator housing. When you connect OUT1 and OUT2 using the stereo RCA cable to a stereo amplifier the ground/earth connections in each audio channel will most likely be electrically connected via the stereo amplifier chassis. This may be a potential issue and may damage the output driver of the Spooky2 generator. Maybe somebody who has already done something similar can comment on their experience.

For more details, please check the link:

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