Are there any suggestions for Cavities?

1. If you google remineralize teeth you will find a lot of people that have done this. Everything from oil pulling, brushing with activated charcoal, bentonite clay and swishing with minerals. I'm sure one of the ways will resonate with you and then add the Spooky2 for support.

2. Dental Jawbone infection and Dental Focci for about 2-3 weeks. Pain all gone.

3. Oil pulling works wonders for many things. Traditionally it's sesame oil, but coconut oil works well too. Switch, pull and run it between your teeth for approx. 20 minutes. At some point, you'll notice the texture changes. To me, that's the signal that it's broken down and done its job. Make sure not to spit sesame oil into your plumbing. It *will* build up and clog your pipes. I don't put either one down my drain. I either spit it into an empty peanut butter jar I keep under the sink, then throw out when it gets full, or I clean the cat box into the garbage then carefully spit onto the clumps which absorb it all so it doesn't make a mess in the bag. Gross probably, but it works effectively.

4. I do the oil pulling also, and it really helps with the gum and sinus infections, but the Cell Regeneration frequency on Spooky2 actually rebuilt the cells around two or three teeth that were loose and were almost ready to come out of my jaw bone. This frequency also rebuilt cells throughout my whole body, which were very desperately needed because I have Lyme Disease and Morgellons, and all the co-infections that go along with them were deteriorating me.

5. Coconut oil + baking soda + sea salt + turmeric + apple cider vinegar = All natural tooth decay reversal. Cell Regeneration freq is also highly beneficial.

For more details, please check:

6. Chatting with a dentist, she mentioned there are people who do not generate acids when they consume sugars due to a lack of Streptococcal Mutans. Lowering acidity in the mouth saves your teeth - these people have absolutely minimal tooth challenges. Have me thought that freezing the Streptococcal Mutans would dramatically reduce mouth activity.

For more details, please check the link:

7. Just healed 6 cavities. Run DH 1200 experimental frequencies tooth decay and restore 3 months. It saved me 3000.

For more details, please check the link:


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