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My mother had breast cancer and now is on hormone therapy. Now I am doing toxins throughout on 1 remote and lymph drainage on 2nd one. She from time to time experiences weakness and asked me to seek further information.

I am sorry your mother is suffering. Presets (pre-designed programs) that I would run are the cancer presets after terrain protocol.

If you are asking what "frequency sets" to run from the database to help with weakness, it would depend why she is weak. If she is moving detox material out of her body, she may experience weakness. Make sure she is drinking the appropriate amount of water. If it is real bad, she may need a break to let her body catch up with all the detox. If she just needs some energy, look at energy or vitality. Just search some words to see what you think may help her weakness.

As to upcoming tests, months ago, I read that rifing should be stopped a day or 2 ahead to get the most accurate test results.

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