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I have a friend with retinopathy from diabetes and wondering if anyone can help (two frequency sets in the program) or has suggestions on frequency sets and waveforms.

Lowering the sugar level of the blood to a normal value (90) is essential before attempting to correct a problem caused by a previous high level. The tiny capillaries of the retina are clogged because the sugar molecules don't dissolve in blood, so if you don't lower the sugar, nothing positive is going to happen.

Try a very strict nutritional regimen. Please read this tread, as it contains info about that waveform and diabetes:
http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2788#p26101. This would lower the sugar level. Monitorice carefully the process so her levels don't go too low, which is dangerous.

Also, the eyeball has various concentric isolating layers that prevent the current entering them, so plasma mode, and remote mode would do the trick. Complement the daily contact sessions for retinopathy with plasma or remote sessions. If remote, then allow the sets to run continuously. Try MM_ModSawtooth in remote mode.

I would also try MM_SineHarmonic in contact mode, from here:

I would use both waveforms without adding any offset, modulation, carriers or whatsoever.
Add also sets to improve circulation, as well as Retinal diseases, and Macular degeneration sets.

Normalizing all her endocrine system with Bruce Stenulson's freqs also will be of great help.
Also infusion of Stevia Rebaundiana is very effective for lowering the sugar level, and it is delicious also.

For more details, please check the link:

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