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Are there frequencies for Alpha lipoic acid and Quercetin?

Special Note: I added three bonus frequencies. R-lipoic acid is the biologically-active form the human body prefers. The NA refers to the sodium salt that stabilizes the R-lipoic acid. Alternatively you could also try out the Baking Soda.

For Alpha lipoic acid
614.205602 ; 78618.317108 (Remote)
216.8997 ; 27763.162435 (Contact)

For Quercitin
900.374289 ; 115247.909002 (Remote)
317.95691 ; 40698.485234 (Contact)

For Q-10
2571.618297 ; 329167.142074 (Remote)
908.13768 ; 116241.623708 (Contact)

For R-lipoic acid
614.205602 ; 78618.317108 (Remote)
216.8997 ; 27763.162435 (Contact)

For NA - Sodium salt
68.531371 ; 8772.015513 (Remote)
24.20107 ; 3097.737277 (Contact)

For Baking Soda  
250.347219 ; 32044.444112 (Remote)
88.40726 ; 11316.13013 (Contact)

Presets, please check the attachment:
Alpha Lipoic Acid.zip

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