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I've been using tens pads. I apparently have a mild allergy to the adhesive on the tens pads. I wonder if I could put anything between the tens pad and my skin and use a strap to attach the pads. Would it still be effective?

1. I have the same problem. I found 2 places where I could get conductive rubber/silicone. You just spray them with spring water (for the minerals) and use them on the body. The two places are currentpleasures.com and happy-stim. usa Be forwarned, these are electro-sex websites but they were the only places I could find the conductive material at a reasonable price. The nice part is you buy a sheet or half sheet and then can cut it to a size that works for you. I forgot to mention. Once you get your size then you take one of your electrodes and adhere it to one side of the conductive rubber. I use the one time use electrodes that take two pins since I do FSM.

2. There are Silver TENS pads out there. They have also a lesser resistance and don't cost a fortune.

I use silver leaf (or gold leaf) and put this on the TENS pads.

Look here to see a picture of gold leaf plated TENS pads:

3. We use Spectra 360 Electrode Gel from Ebay. It is salt free hypoallergenic. Made in USA. Inexpensive.

One has to put a very tiny dot on the electrode then spread it with finger evenly and wait until it is newly dried (no longer shiny) and it would be ready to use. It sticks fairly well on the skin. You don't have to keep applying the gel for each use, only when it does not stick anymore.

For more details, please check the link:

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