What's the difference between Spooky2 Phanotron Plasma tube and Spooky2 Straight Plasma tube?

1. The gas of straight plasma tube is Argon, while that of the Phanotron tube is pure Helium, which is supposed to be the best gas for plasma tube.
2. The design of the Phanotron tube electrodes are supposed to provide very focused signals for localized treatment.
3. The frequency range of Phanotron tube is a little bit higher than straight plasma tube.
4. The Phanotron tube has two holders which make the tube more convenient and safer to use.

They are for different uses: the phanotron is for concentrated energy on a given issue, like localized cancer, while the long tube is for scattered issues in the whole body, like disseminated pathogens.

Straight plasma tube is also good for certain area treatment like Spine treatment.

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    Ronny Bagdadi

    It would be very helpful to show a side by side visualization of the fields generated by each plasma tube with relative strength and size...

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