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I'm about to undergo 4 weeks of radiotherapy. Has anyone any experience of running Spooky frequencies at the same time, or should I lay off using Spooky till my radiotherapy is finished?

If you decide to proceed with radiotherapy there are precautions that you should take that will augment the therapy by minimizing damage to healthy cells and also making the radiotherapy more reactive/responsive to cancer cells. Spooky recommendations to follow below.

Anti-oxidant Supplements will help you during radiotherapy, despite mainstream oncologists claiming otherwise. The most influential study in shaping the opinion that anti-oxidants interfere with chemotherapy and radiotherapy has been discredited by several researchers.


Having cross referenced several sources I have found the following supplements to be effective during radiotherapy, as they act as radiosensitizers which makes the tumor and cancer cells more reactive/responsive to the fractionations and radio protectors which minimizes damage to surrounding tissue.

Please read this article:

Supplements and herbs

Shark liver oil (200 mg. daily),
Selenium - 200 – 1000 mcg daily
Co-Enzyme Q10 - 100 – 400 mg daily
Melatonin (10 mg. nightly),
Astragalus - 2,000 to 3,000 mgs per day
Milk Thistle - Dosage 200mg twice to three times a day
Curcumin - up to 3.2 g daily
N-Acetyl Cysteine - 200 – 600 mg daily
Glutathione - 500mg Once or twice daily
Genistein - (containing 50 mg of isoflavones): twice daily
Vitamin E - 400 – 1200 IU daily
Vitamin C - 1500mg Lyposomal version - Taken 1 hour before radiotherapy

Spooky programs:
Hypoxia - CAFL (Healing mode)
Oxygenate cells - Xtra (Healing)
Detox Toxins Elimination 1 & 2 - Xtra (Healing) to detox ruptured cancer cells and debris from radiotherapy fallout

Organ support (Healing mode):
Liver Support - CAFL
Circulatory Stasis - CAFL
Lymph Stasis - CAFL
Kidney Insufficiency - CAFL

For more details, please check the link:

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