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Gout is thought to be prevalent when the kidneys are sluggish, hence unable to eliminate excessive uric acid which builds up in the bloodstream. I believe that the Gout 1&2 frequencies are to stimulate the kidneys to function optimally. Any thoughts?

Some folks dedicate one generator to running 24/7 detox programs, myself being one. I happen to use the Detox Programs shown in the "Maintenance Program" shown in the Morgellons Protocol V2.07, dated March, 2016. You can download the Morgellons Protocol V2.07 from the spooky2.com downloads page; it is a PDF document. Page 15 shows the "Maintenance Program" and details the Detox Programs, using JW-Healing preset program options. It takes about 3:40 to complete a loop. You might try that or simply use the Detox All Purpose, Detox 4 Toxins throughout the body. On a separate generator you could try running all the Gout Programs ( except the KHZ one, which requires a different setting) along with the Kidney Insufficiency Program, as suggested per the Gout Programs.

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