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I have lower back pain which is greatly emphasized after having sat down. The more time in the chair the worse the pain standing up.

I set up the preset for cold laser and chose the muscle pain and healing frequencies. I put it right on the area that was hurting, left it about five minutes and moved it for another five minutes. I held it in place by leaning against it, light pressure between my back in the cushioned chair. Total treatment time between the different areas was about 20 min. I continued sitting another half hour afterward working on the computer.

When I stood up I would normally have felt a good amount of pain, however my back felt almost normal! I when to bed feeling great. From a pain relief point of view the results are immediate, I am sure the healing portion will take some time.

I did not have time to run it in the morning before work and felt my back again getting out of the car from my commute to work, however it was still not as bad as normal. I am looking forward to further treatments.

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