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My son suffers from allergies, dust mites, change of season, hay fever and has most of his life. Quite a pain in the butt that illness. So wanting to run sinus, allergy, rhinitis sets and anything else I can try for him. How do I know what presets to use?

Dust mites are the only "pest" seen in the list, so I would run a Killing preset for that, but the rest I would use a Healing one. Have you read Eat Right 4 Your Type? Following this Dr.'s diet suggestions has reduced my allergy symptoms significantly. I now use his computer-generated diet called SWAMI Xpress.

Typically, you can put a number of frequency sets together up to about 2 hours for a single pass. Run it first on contact, then continue using the remote, or just use the remote from the beginning. A contact pass could be run morning and night with remote the rest of the time - up to 120 times through for the remote.

Looking through the database, I would choose both Dermatophagoides sets, and the Mite Dust set for the initial pass.

Extremely important is to deal with his liver. It's clearly backed up and he will be suffering some level of systemic inflammation as well.

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