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Does anyone know if the fat burning sets are killing or healing, and if a frequency or amplitude wobble is required?

Looking at the frequencies that are in the sets, they appear to be combination of both.

With this in mind, I would start out with a square wave (JW - Healing uses this) as it can address both types equally well.

If you want to try a more potent waveform, suggest the Square H Bomb with a 20v amplitude.

You probably do not need to use either wobbles, but after a few days of use without, you will have a baseline to compare against should you wish to try it. I'd suggest only adding one new variable at a time so you can compare the effect.

Amplitude wobble on a regular square wave would probably work better over the frequency wobble for these sets.

The Square H Bomb is a spiked square waveform, that when set to 20v amplitude, has its main waveform at 5v. The spikes are what carry the full 20. Suggest you don't use a smaller amplitude with this one because of how it is designed.

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