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I have just installed the new Spooky2 software but I don't see any preset in the menu. Can anybody please help me with this please?

1. I had this problem. I uninstalled and then re-installed it and they were all there, including the custom ones.

For custom preset, go to the Spooky2 directory on C: drive and open the folder named PresetsOld. Select all, then copy. Now back out one level and open the Presets Collections folder. Double click the User folder, click in the window, and paste. No need to restart the Spooky2 software. Just click another folder on the preset collection list and then click the User folder again, the presets now appear.

2. Two areas of concern to look into.

1). Run the installer as administrator. To do this, right click and then select the run as administrator command. This will ensure that the installer has full permission to create and write files in case your OS is locked down some.

2). Ensure you do not have an antivirus program running that is quarantining files. AVG has been reported as not liking UpdatePresets.exe purely because of suspicious behavior. The program goes out and finds and updates all presets, which the virus scanner finds to be suspicious. Understandable, but we expect this program to do this type of work, and so you can mark it to be ignored.

One or both of these issues is probably going to fix the issues you have above.

For more details, please check the link:

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