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I wonder if there is any chance to use Spooky2 somehow like Bicom machine. I bought celery and Bicom and use it for checking the allergy and healing. As to Spooky I can't find celery or any solid veggies/fruits/etc... frequency so not sure how to use it.

Biocom machine is very interesting with how it uses frequency to heal the body. I am not super technical but I will try to offer some input. It looks like the Biocom machine reads the frequencies of the body and uses that information to correct frequencies that are out of line. The spooky system can apply frequencies but it does not read the body frequencies. A person has to do some work to try and figure out what is wrong with them and apply the correct frequencies to correct. There is a some guess work involved in some a lot of situations, trial and error until you find the right solution, unless you know for sure the issue you are trying to fix.

Using spooky pulse you can test you bodies reaction to foods to determine if you might be allergic to that food, but you have to hold that food in your hand to test it. Search for post for food allergy. If you identify an allergy to a food I do not think that spooky can be used to correct that allergy, unless there is some physiological condition with your body causing the allergy that spooky might be able to address.

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