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I am interested in using my Spooky2 system for an ionic foot bath with the new Foot Bath preset. Is there a way to set it up so you can use analog frequencies?

There is no thing as "digital or analog" frequencies. There are only frequencies.

What do exist is a analog oscillator or a digital oscillator. The XM and the UDB type Generators that spooky uses are both of the digital type that uses an internal digital-to-analog-Converter to generate analog signals at the Output.

A Setup of the Output current do not exist in both types of Generators. You have to do the current Setup for yourself with an external Multimeter and Resistors that you put in Series to the Output and Setup the right Output Voltage to get the amount of current you want to have.

In this form:

Generator Signal Output (connected in Series to) Multimeter-to-measure-current (connected in Series to) Resistor (connected in Series to) Footbath electrode 1

Generator Signal Ground (connected to) Footbath electrode 2

As a first test you can use it without a Resistor. But you have to modify the Voltage often to get the current you want. So to say the Resistor is the item that will hold the current at a more or less stable Position.

But the external Multimeter is needed because: The Spooky Generators don't have the ability to setup the Output current.

For more details, please check the link:

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