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I'm using Spooky 2 for Lyme and Co infections. I have been only doing bartonella right now. I read I should do the terrain protocol and then the Morgellons one. I'm very confused on how I do such long ones.

Several of us have done Terrain and Morgellons Protocol via remote reasonably successfully. People are different as to how much they can tolerate prior to it being too much. I ran the Terrain Protocol straight through using a white remote. Started the Morgellons Protocol using 2 generators and white remotes and did fine until I turned on one of the Mold and Fungus treatments and could only let it run for a short while prior to having to stop and just let the detox continue due to the amount of herx.

For other people, the major problem will be other things. There are general guidelines, but each person has to feel comfortable doing and stopping according to the body responses.

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