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What frequencies could be used for the fatigue and heart symptoms of ME, after the ME itself has been erased? I am looking for heart strengthening and repairing not due to heart failure or heart attack.

1. For the fatigue also look at working with adrenals and endocrine system. These can also have affect on heart which can also lead to even more fatigue. It is always hard to pinpoint what is cause and affect with ME but have found working on those areas has helped a lot.

2. Research Hawthorn berries and leaves (I'm not sure which is the current standard for usage with heart). Hawthorne is very effective for strengthening the heart. When I studied with an herbalist, it is the one herb he spent hours talking about. There is so much benefit to the heart muscle. I used it myself after a heart attack and to normalize irregular beats. Also, if having heart issues research the importance of CoQ10. These are known and nontoxic adjunct treatments.

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