A girl is suffering from profound pancreatic insufficiency- but now, her pancreas shows signs of activity. Is it reasonable to stimulate pancreas with Spooky?

I am not prescribing here for I am not a medical practitioner, use the following if you wish but at your own risk. This is based on my experience.


Pancreas will function better if it is free of pancreatic pathogens such as coxsackie virus (linked to type 1 diabetes, but may cause problem for type 2), eurytrema pancreaticum (fluke), pancreatic flukes, etc., all in spooky database. I alternate Bromelain (pineapple) and Serrapeptase to aid in the removal of dead flukes and hatchlings from pancreatic outlets (to unplug the outlets). With plugged outlets pancreatic enzymes cannot enter the system and begin to digest the pancreas itself. I do not use more than 35000 to 40000 units (IU) to avoid plaques/clots from disengaging from arterial walls which can cause stroke or cardiac arrest. Some serrapeptase supplements have very high units and have been rumored to cause harm.

And from the Spooky 'frequency vault' sub-forum, I run methanol as first and last frequencies of my entire program.

Removing methanol will make it harder for pathogens to stick to the organs.

Gold is attracted to the pancreas - we have 'gold' in the database.

Arsenic and Dioxin (dibenzo dioxins), may have some association with increased risk of diabetes. Also found in the sub-forum 'frequency vault'.

The above frequencies are currently in use and I've seen my blood sugar level plummeting. This, with strict diabetic diet and my diabetes/pancreatic tea work very well. My sugar level is no longer stuck at 450+ but down to 120-150 even with some cheating in the diet.

All the information I gave you above was shared with me by a very generous person with a heart of gold. So please do not think I made it myself... I am not that capable, far from it.

For more details, please check the link:

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