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I was to say that I have had some weird scenarios with essential oil frequencies causing the top of my brain to feel like there are tiny things squirming and burrowing into my brain being painful and driving me insane.

You have experienced something called Kundalini - The Holy Spirit.

The crawling/tingling feeling you describe at the top of your head are the activation of 1000s of unused neurons within the brain leading to activation of the Crown Chakra.

The use of Essential Oils can and does lead to this in some people as they are of a high frequency, which uplifts the Human consciousness on a journey to the state of Christ Consciousness and Enlightenment (hopefully) after a number of years.

You have nothing to be afraid of... Indeed, there are many looking for the path you are now on.

There is no turning back from this point. You are now in the back of a Universal taxi.... Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

I highly recommend it - Fear nothing. You will be fine and enjoy (mostly) the ride although there will be challenges ahead.... Your health will improve.

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