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When to use Max BPM, Min BPM or Max HRV relative to Biofeedback scans?

1. Everything you get in this range with Max BPM sensing should be run with killing program.

Everything you get with Min BPM should be run with Healing programs.

It is my understanding that with Max HRV setting, the results can be mixed, so I would run Healing programs with these too.

2. Here is a link to info regarding when to use Max BPM, Min BPM or Max HRV relative to Biofeedback scans. Now that I know this, I am planning to use Max BPM, then use a killing program with the results.

3. These settings will need to be set on the Generator Control screen as follows: This is for 4, approximate 15 minute scans.

1.start 76000-finish76200 test
2.start 76000-finish 95000
3.start 95000-finish 114000
4.start 114000-finish 133000
5.start 133000-finish 152000

Initial Step size = 20
Decimal places = 0
Maximum Hits to find = 5
Start Delay=20
Detect =
Min BPM is when you want to find healing entrainment frequencies.
Max BPM for finding killing frequencies
Max HRV will find both
Calculate Using
RA checked
2DP checked
Single Scan checked

Please take a brisk walk before testing.
Save scans as scan1, scan 2, scan3, scan4 with date if desired.

For more details, please check:

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