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Dr Sutherland says the frequency of Helicobacter -Plylori is 268657 hz with a bandwidth of 28hz. When the bacteria are killed they appear to always release a toxic protein with a frequency in the 9000-12000 range. Would this be a set to target as well?

If I read it correctly, he is saying that the bugs for this strain, are in a 28 Hz window and the proteins that are produced when they are killed are in a 4 Hz window. He has I believe given the central frequency of the band.

In a nut-shell it can be done with one preset. First we make a frequency set; then we would take a preset such as JW killing; and modify it to suit our purposes. I've crammed quite a bit of info here but hope you get the gist.

So, a fairly simple brute-force approach is to use File | Create Frequency set and enter this as H. Pylori (Dr Sutherland) and two sweep commands in the frequency section

Note here that the 900 and 180 are seconds; and I choose (made-up) those values so as to make the sweep move at roughly 1Hz every 30secs. (Using a dwell multiplier of 1).
Once this has been entered and saved in your custom database you can then use it in a preset; as it will appear in the database search window.

The 900 + 180 sec gives 18 mins treatment duration/cycle time and that's roughly what I would use for the remote mode as I want a few repeats each hour.
With remote mode I would run them until I turn it off, so set Repeat Program to 0.
If I was making this for contact then I would triple these duration values; (=2700 and =540), and set Repeat program to 1, so it would last around an hour in total.

Sorry, I'm unable to post a full screen shot at this time but for the waveform, you could try H-Bomb, or Damped, or Inv-Sawtooth harmonic.
There are a lot of other knobs; but suggest to just start it going.... making sure that the right frequencies appear on the channel window; and you get red LEDs illuminated (so at least 4V amplitude).

I am using the boost cable here so I made one more addition so that the Out2 will send the mid-band frequency for the whole duration whilst Out1 is sweeping the range. Here is the code for that:

I'd select waveforms like this for boost.

For remote operation; if you had two generators you could run the same preset at the same time, offsetting the start-time by five minutes; so in that way you are staying on each frequency for double the time.

Or, if you are in a hurry to get results then contact mode is the way to start; and then follow up with remote.

For more details, please check the link:

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