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Is there a way of finding the resonant frequency for woodlice and then blowing them up? Does the spectrum sweep actually find which frequencies a woodlice has?

Woodlice are macro-organisms. It is like asking for a resonant frequency for humans. We are all different sizes and shapes. There is no single frequency to blow up macro-organisms for this reason. Each one will respond to different frequencies.

We recommend you to use Spectrum Sweeps to rid of woodlice. The sweep targets all of the frequencies between the end points set up by the user. The biofeedback only works on a large enough entity so a heartbeat can be detected. I don't know how to do this with a small animal like a tick, flea, or lice.

Are you trying to kill the lice out in nature, or something that is in/on you? If out in nature, it will be difficult to affect them all, as they won't all have the same DNA.

It may be best for you to gather several of the woodlice, put them in a remote, and run a Converge or Spectrum Sweep to see what happens.

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