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Will Spooky2 Cold Laser just energize the blood supply with the light through the locations they were designed for, to expose the blood? Does it have to be located anywhere near the area needs treated?


Using Laser on specific acupuncture points related to issues with organs would be another effective method to use them.

If you know of a specific issue like and pathogen infection, use that Hz for the pathogen on the organ TCM point.
Say you have h pylori in the stomach, use that Hz for it on the stomach meridians.

Yet one more is to shine the laser beam through a glass bottle of a remedy.

It is said to help people overcome allergies with that method. You would use a remedy known for that issue.
IE: allergic to eggs? Make a Homeopathic remedy with eggs, then shine through the bottle and "paint" the skin with that beam.

Imprinting Frequencies INTO solutions is another idea.
Some say clear spring water(minerals necessary) some say you can imprint Colloids with Hz of your choice.
Try it and see.

For more details, please check the link:

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