Can anyone share any info on how to ameliorate adverse effects of EMF exposure when using plasma tube?

1. If you put "emf" in the Spooky2 database search box you will find a few sets to try with Spooky2 White disk Remote after using plasma.

For those interested in testing for EMF radiation here is a few devices to look at.

Here is a EMF Meter - Cell Sensor

Here is a test using the Cell Sensor meter

Here is more info on gauss meters
For measuring EMF radiation from a plasma tube I would consider the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter.

2. Plasma from any machine produces EMF. It is this that killed your Flukes. The tube is a short-distance transmitter.
If you are sensitive to EMF I suggest you reduce your treatment times.

For more details, please check the link:

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