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My family have huge problems with detoxing, what exactly are they targeting and which ones will helps us rather than make things worse? Do we know or is there a way to find out exactly what the frequencies are influencing in the individual programs?

1. Most of the detox and liver support programs are killing frequencies that are targeting common microorganisms. Whether running these are helping or hurting you, is to be determined through experimentation. The body is a complex entity, so what helps one person may have negative effects on another.

2. Not definitively. Researchers have come a long way in determining exact frequencies for microorganisms but we are still far far away from knowing exactly what a certain frequency will do in the body. Say you find that you react to 802 Hz, one of the most common frequencies in the entire database. You could search for 802 in the Spooky database, the CAFL, Google, etc. It's found in Detox 3, Detox 4, Liver Support and over 300 different programs. Then you search through CAFL and see that it's everywhere. Then you try Google and find a web page that states John Crane thought that 802 Hz was the frequency for E Coli. Is that the correct answer? Maybe. It's up to users to experiment and share detailed results to get closer to definitive answers.

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