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My daughter is incredibly sensitive to everything. I want to try using the remote for her. Can someone recommend how to make a treatment and a pulse scan as gentle as possible? I was also wondering if the Spooky Central might be better for her.

I'll defer to this Community's protocol gurus to come up with the sensible approach, but I can attest to the power of the Spooky2 remotes. JW has packaged presets for both healing and killing protocols, and I am confident the database contains prepackaged frequency cadences that will be most effective. It would probably be a good idea to cycle through the Terrain programs right away, as a prerequisite, before the more targeted protocols could be introduced to your plan. I don't know how these conditions were acquired, but I'd say chances are they are attributed to metals, mycoplasms, parasites, virus, bacterium - and the Terrain protocols are effective second to none with all of these. My daughter was diagnosed with Crohns, and was seen as a life long medication subscription (ie. Humera,etc) after "scare tactics" in the Dr's office - "no cure, just remission" - what BS! I ran the Terrain protocols (somewhat lengthy process) , and have now targeted mycoplasms specifically now as a maintenance program for her , and with a modified diet, she's been fine without any medication. Here is interesting reading on mycoplasms, their diabolical genesis, and more

I believe her condition was vaccine related...enough said (I could start ranting, endlessly).

Also, another non invasive method would be Spooky2 Plasma, something others here can attest to. Hang in there, help on the way!

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