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Would you happen to have the frequency for Humic and Fulvic minerals?

I have but they have been calculated with the Partheil formula and not by the formula used in the MM Spreadsheet, so therefore I can't give frequencies yet for each transmission mode. I hope they are helpful to you by now. Before you are using them please double check on the multiplication. I hope I didn't made any mistake due my haste.

Fulvic acid - C14H12O8 - 308.244 x 16 = 4931.904
Fulvic acid 2 - C7H6O2 - 122.123 x 16 = 1953.968
Humic acid - C187H186O89N9S1 - 4015.593 x 16 = 64249.488
Humic acid sodium salt - C9H8Na2O4 - 226.139 x 16 = 3618.224

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