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Are there frequencies for Herbal Tincture, Japanese Knotweed, Astragalus, Andrographis, Milk Thistle, Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Salvia miltiorrhiza, Triphala digestive cleanser, antineoplastic, radioprotective, chemoprotective, Nettle, Turmeric?

This time I want to deliver you a set of frequencies for each component. You can use them individually and make your own frequency set and if you choose for the whole package you get all of them in one Zip file (scroll down) which contains 13 programs & one Waveform. As always, I used the following used the MM Calculation Spreadsheet to get all results for Remote & Contact mode treatments, because I want us to get the maximum out of Spooky2. Manuel Mallo wrote a detailed explanation on this thread:

1) Japanese Knotweed – resveratrol provides epigenetic regulation of BRCA-1 by AhR agonists -> Molecular Mass found here:

680.372203,87087.642081 (Remote)
240.26568,30754.007999 (Contact)

2) Astragalus – Repairs DNA, mobilises T-cells and NK cells to destroy tumors -> Molecular Mass found here:

2339.986735,299518.302144 (Remote)
826.33963,105771.473885 (Contact)

3) Andrographis – inhibits TNFa, PGE2, triggers apoptosis through P53 and repairs DNA aberrations -> Molecular Mass found here:

1044.671216,133717.915702 (Remote)
368.91373,47220.957542 (Contact)

4) Milk Thistle – detoxifies and repairs the liver, reduces inflammation and reduces tumor load -> Molecular Mass found here:

1438.118502,184079.168293 (Remote)
507.85515,65005.459774 (Contact)

5) Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) – treats ulcers, reduces microbes, regulates cortisol, increases DHEA -> Molecular Mass found here:

2453.119779,313999.331728 (Remote)
866.29128,110885.284398 (Contact)

6) Salvia miltiorrhiza – revitalizes the blood, rebuilds bone, repairs the liver and cirrhosis, reduces microbes -> Molecular Mass found here:

877.38324,112305.05474 (Remote)
309.83788,39659.2498 (Contact)

7) Triphala digestive cleanser, antineoplastic, radioprotective and chemoprotective -> Molecular Mass found here:

1343.246226,171935.516993 (Remote)
474.35209,60717.067756 (Contact)

8) Nettle – Antiproliferative effect on cancer cells, cleanses blood, diuretic -> Molecular Mass found here:

1032.364659,132142.676386 (Remote)
364.56781,46664.679735 (Contact)

9) Turmeric – inhibits tumorigenesis (metastasis), activates a DNA damage response, suppresses EGFR (HER2) -> Molecular Mass found here:

1098.122644,140559.698519 (Remote)
387.78949,49637.055147 (Contact)

10) Mistletoe – PRR ligand which initiates a full-blown T-cell response against cancer cells -> Molecular Mass found here and had to convert 63 kDa = 63000 Daltons = 63000 g/mol:

187799.898515,24038387.010003 (Remote)
66319.39323,8488882.334274 (Contact)

11) Feverfew – restores P53, inhibits NF-kB inflammation, and causes apoptosis via JNK kinases -> Molecular Mass found here:

740.229695,94749.400989 (Remote)
261.40367,33459.670813 (Contact)

12) Red Root – Boosts immune cells and cleans lymphatic system, antimicrobial -> Molecular Mass found here:

877.38324,112305.05474 (Remote)
309.83788,39659.2498 (Contact)

13) Selenium – significant reduction in BRCA1 chromosome breaks -> Molecular Mass found here:

584.594255,74828.064706 (Remote)
206.44279,26424.678009 (Contact)

Presets & Waveform, please check the attachment:

For more details, please check the link:

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