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Are there also frequencies for readjustments? Like when your neck is out? Interested in neck out and pelvis out.

1. Here is an article about the Atlas being disjointed:
This article will give clues of Frequency sets you may want to experiment with.

A Chiropractor may help reset your Atlas if that is the cause of your neck being out.

2. Spooky might be the cheaper option because of the constant availability but nobody on forum (except those who suffered the same case) could estimate how long it might take in order to gain success. And as it's always an individual thing along with a need for detoxification (you suffer chronic Inflammation from your Injury that your Chiro is only able to handle to that point to give you an relief) you have to take many things into account to gain full recovery. Also psychological aspects (a injury leaves behind trauma too). Don't expect instant results with Spooky but expect many available options which are able to reach out your cells & nerves to end your misery by time. Strong Bones and a good Metabolism, lime-free skeleton etc... still requires a comprehensive Nutrition. Talk with your Chiro about this.

Oh you can also try out the Kundalini Preset of the Spooky2 Software. I'm sure there are much more options available for you.

For more details, please check the link:

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