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How to add generators from the running generators?

I manage 9 generators. 8 are using remotes, and the 9th is either connected to the Spooky Central, PEFM, contact, and in rare cases another remote.

When I was adding generators, I would time it between protocol steps. In other words, if I had 4 generators running the Morgellons protocol, and it would be another 36hrs before all 4 generators were done with the current phase/step, I would just wait till they were all done and then shutdown to add generators.

For the times that something unexpected happened like the Spooky Central freezing up a generator and forcing me to shut down everything and restart, I would use the following method.

I would note how many hours had passed in the programs that were running that were timed. For instance if Generator 1 was running Phase 2, Step 3 and it was to run for 57 hours, and I was only 27 hours in, I would note that I had 30 hours left to go.

Then when I got everything ready to go again, I would edit the repeat program = setting from 120 down to whatever number gave me at least 30 hours. If this ended up being 30.75 hours, then I didn't worry so much about restarting it on the exact frequency it was on when I stopped. A little overlap or repeating was not going to be of sufficient consequence in the larger theme of running 120 loops.

I would repeat this for all generators that had a timed preset. Some of my generators are running presets 24/7, for which case I just restart them from the beginning.

For presets like the all inclusive terrain in one preset, it may actually behoove you to note the frequency/of frequencies and re-index the preset on startup as there are a number of sub loops built into the program and so editing overall runtime remaining would not achieve the same result.

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