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Could someone describe how to transfer some 18 custom frequency sets I have in Notepad to the Main data base, or to Custom Data base. I am on XP Professional. Do these Files have to go across one at a time?

Spooky2 uses the CSV files for two different purposes; custom waveforms or custom frequency sets. I'll go through both first; and then onto combining frequency sets.

The waveform csv files when viewed in notepad are a single column of data where each row has an amplitude value. Each waveform file contains data describing how one waveform will look.
These waveform csv files should go into the Spooky2\Waveforms folder. They will show up in the waveforms combo box when you restart Spooky2. Unless you are creating your own waveforms then this is all you need to know.

The frequency csv files, when viewed in notepad, consist of one line* per frequency set and it is possible to have "any" number of frequency sets in a single file.
* ignore word-wrapping of notepad; each line is terminated with a return character.

From within the spooky2 software you can select one custom frequency set file at a time. You do this by selecting the required .csv file via the Database | Select Custom Database menu item.

It isn't possible to add frequency sets into the main database.

In your case, where you have several frequency set files you should create a new file in notepad and then copy + paste the contents out of the other frequency set files to make one combined file.
Once you have that you can save it with a name like combined.csv in your spooky2 folder and then select/load that file as your custom database.
Spooky2 will then re-read the custom database and list all of the frequency sets which are in this combined file.

If you need any more detail or help on the process let me know.

For more details, please check the link:

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