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Can we really use safely the Remote V1.1 BN?

The majority of people in practice do much better with the BN remote and that is the one recommended by the Spooky2 team based on feedback so far.

A few people have done better with the MN remote (which was the original offering) so that style is still being offered by spooky2 mall. Safety is a key concern.

This forum is first and foremost about experimentation and you will find discussions and threads on here that push the boundaries or contradict. Many points of view.
This is 'science in the making', if science means 'to know' we are in the 'process of finding out' and/or making guesses about what might be.

At the end of the day you can read the information and take control but as a beginner user.... it is helpful to go the conventional Spooky2 team route initially (use recommended settings and presets) whilst you are learning the ropes.

For remotes you have three standard options.
Use the a) V1.0 remote which does not have a magnet, use b) MN or use c) BN. (Some like myself, have also experimented combining MN and BN into one remote)

Depending on the frequency being played by the XM generator and your sensitivity you may find that you can feel some effects.

You will generally know if this is helpful (symptoms fade away) or aggravating to your system (possible headache, tightness). This may occur within minute or more likely take 4-5 days.

You may experience some flu like symptoms; some view this as helpful detoxing. If its aggravating stop that combination and try another frequency-set or change remote type.
If detox or "aggravation" gets too much take a break for couple of days.

For the terrain protocol, I would suggest use BN for one week.
Later on, when you get more into looking at specifics you may try other things and you can also use contact mode for frequency research.

For more details, please check the link:

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