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Can Spooky2 powered up with solar?

I run my system off two 6v trojan batteries giving me 12v. The charge ranges between 12.6 volts to 15.2 volts, depending on the location of the sun. The 15.2 v is the recommended voltage to finish off the charge of the batteries to 100% per the manufacture. The batteries are now 8 years old- I use a common usb connection into a standard 12v wall receptor, similar to a 12v auto receptor. I have an 18 gauge usb cable, to a 2.l m plug that goes into the DC5V connector plug in the generator. The voltage supplied is 5.59 volts. The 1 amp voltage supply from spooky runs about 5.20 volts. I have ran this for many months without any problems. I will do a little write up shortly and give a location to buy the parts in a day.

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