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I am looking to keep a Spooky back-up. Not really sure what would be best to use, so could someone please direct me in the right direction. Disk drive, thumb drive, what size memory etc.

1. Checking my Spooky2 folder in the C:/ drive, it has 682MB on disk and this includes about a year of software updates in .zip formatted files. Most compact discs have ~700MB's and DVDs have ~4.5GBs so either disc could be a backup option. Thumb drives would be fine as well, most common to find 8GBs in stores these days which is a lot more than you would need. A 1GB thumb drive would do the trick if you have one that small. If you open windows file explorer, right click on the C:/Spooky2 folder and select properties, the properties dialogue box will reveal the amount of data in your folder to be certain.

2. I made a Spooky presets folder in My Documents folder and store them there. In my opinion there is no need to back up the entire Spooky2 folder in C;\Program Files\Spooky2. If I install a new version of Spooky2 software I just create another folder C;\Program Files\Spooky2-1 and install the new version there and then create a new shortcut to point to the new Spooky.exe file. So if I have a problem with the new version of Spooky2 software I can simply use the old Spooky2 shortcut on the desktop.
When I backup My Documents folder I have everything covered.

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