Any advice for healing stress-induced heart pain/disease? My dad is in a very dire situation with his health. Also pre-diabetic with pain in his legs.

1. Start with the Terrain Protocol in Appendix A of the Spooky2 Users Manual.

If possible isolate him from the things that are causing him external stress and get him to do relaxation exercises.

The pain in his leg could be referred pain from some other organ. likewise with the heart.
Until you have a clear diagnosis of what organs need support and what needs to be done to bring them back to a healthy status it's going to be guesswork on what other Spooky2 frequency sets to run.

In regards to diabetes you can try the following:
Diabetes 1 (CAFL)
Diabetes 2 (CAFL)
Diabetes Secondary (CAFL)
Diabetes Associated infect (CAFL)
Pancreatic Insufficiency (CAFL)
Immune System Stimulation (PROV)

2. Start taking Ionic Zinc or Colloidal Zinc. The frequency for that mineral is 480 with a long dwell time on the bio north remote. This is what I've been doing for the last few weeks and all my blood work numbers are getting back to normal.

For more details, please check the link:

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