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I need help with treating Breast cancer phyllodes tumor, fast aggressive and so far tough to beat.

1. Breast Cancer
I found Fibrosarcoma – 1744 – to work every time, without fail.

Fibrosarcoma - 1744. I found this one to shrink most tumors.

He also stated be careful when treating the tumor it will contract and expand and irritate the surrounding area especially at the beginning. Monitor her closely and suspend treatment if she experience any pain. Wait for about 2/3 hours and then resume running it.

Run it for about a week nonstop.

The biggest problem I encountered was the chemo pills given to women – these throw their hormonal balance into complete disarray by reducing the estrogen level. To get this in balance again is much more difficult than curing the cancer.

Note that doctors do a CA15-3 test to measure the progress of the cancer. This does not measure the tumor directly – it gauges the estrogen level which serves as a marker for the doctor to ascertain whether the tumor is worse or improved.

Doctors firmly believe that high estrogen creates breast tumors. To get the hormonal balance correct, one of the treatments is actually to boost the estrogen level.

2. Just one small correction. Being careful when treating a tumor only apply to the brain and lungs because from experience that can cause severe pain if not treating in short periods. With the breast this is not the case. In actual fact 1744 must be run nonstop for many days.

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